The first stage in deciding which service may be right for them begins with a detailed discussion with any prospective client. This may lead to further discussions and probably a written proposal, as requirements are examined and potential solutions identified. Clients will receive a written letter of engagement with full particulars of the intended project or consultancy along with our terms and conditions to ensure their protection. All our services are tailored to individual needs, but will normally be based around one or more of the services outlined below:


Dispute Resolution

dispute resolution.jpg

Whilst a "best practice" approach should help clients avoid the vast majority of potential conflicts with members of staff and help them become an employer of choice, it is sadly almost inevitable that disputes will arise from time to time.

We can provide cogent advice to help minimise the effects of disagreements during employment and help smooth staff relations. This may involve meeting individual staff, attending disciplinary meetings, mediating between employer and employee and acting right up to and including representing clients who find themselves as Respondents in the Employment Tribunal.


Employee Engagement

This is an increasingly important area where the HR function can demonstrate directly how it can add value to a business. Using appraisal and performance management techniques, employees have mutually agreed objectives set for them that match their competencies and therefore deliver more effectively what they are targeted to do per their Job Descriptions and corporate parameters. Not only do clients benefit from this through improved output and focus, but it also means members of staff feel more involved and gain job satisfaction, becoming more "engaged" in what they do.


Employment Law

HR Audit

So much of what we provide in respect of human resources consultancy and support services is underpinned by our intimate knowledge of Employment Law. We have many years practical experience of what is the best approach to take in almost any work place process or issue to help organisations run harmoniously. Whilst we can and do advise our clients on the letter of the law which should not be ignored, we often find practical and common sense approaches to be the best solution. These are embodied into our systems and procedures.


HR Audit & Assessment

Often a good starting point for a new client is to have an audit or business assessment carried out. We can examine existing processes and/or employment practices and identify areas of exposure to risk and what remedial action may be appropriate.

We have also carried out independent reviews and verification of various client activities, including outsourced services they use such as from labour providers and contractors.

One good method of evaluating employees is to involve us in devising and conducting staff surveys. We can provide impartial and independent reporting, collation of results and comments, and identify key areas that need attention to improve motivation and performance.


HR Systems & Procedures


We have considerable experience in providing a wide range HR procedures for use by client staff to match their day to day needs. These range from complex Staff Handbooks and Employment Practice Manuals to single process documents such as Absence Procedures, Staff Appraisals and Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures (Standards). We also prepare Statements of Terms & Conditions for use by employers.


Interim Management

Using an interim to help your organisation deliver during periods where you may have a resource gap or have a specific business issue which needs to be addressed can be invaluable. If your organisation has a need for an interim Operations or HR specialist then we can provide this offering. To discuss your specific needs in this area please contact us directly.


Management and Executive Recruitment

Manager & Exec Coaching

Unlike high street employment agencies that will work on the premise of "selling" you "suitable" candidates, we have a long history of providing client-centric recruitment services. Since we always start with defining the role first and then find the best-match candidate, we find that our clients greatly appreciate what we can do for them.

We normally work on a retained basis rather than submitting candidates on a more speculative basis, thus focussing more sharply on what is required and at the same time reducing the cost. Our fees are therefore some of the most competitive in the trade whilst there is no loss of quality - in fact quite the opposite.

Assignments we have handled range from Group Managing Director to specialist Managers in almost any sector or function. Whilst our client requirements have remained almost eclectic yet we have been able to satisfy some very specific needs, we have never found it appropriate to specialise in a narrow area.


Manager/Executive Coaching

Having the right employees in the right roles is critical to any business. We can offer you a tailored selection of individual and team coaching services. Whether you need to assess an individual's capability in a current role, identify knowledge and or skill gaps we can provide the experience to do this. We also provide services which include; senior manager coaching to create plans for development into new roles, coaching of managers to help solve current business issues, preparation for specific and critical business meetings.


Outplacement and Career Redevelopment

Redundancy & Restructure.jpg

Often as an integral part of a business restructure or transition staff will be displaced. Good employers will inevitably want to look after erstwhile loyal staff, some of whom may have many years' service behind them. One way of enduring they have a smoother passage into new appointments is to provide them with practical assistance in finding new positions.

We have a range of Outplacement (Career Advisory) programmes that provide suitable support and guidance to leaving staff in the techniques of finding new jobs and managing their careers in the future. This can be done on a group or individual basis and for redundancy programmes for single or dozens of staff.


Peripatetic HR Director/Manager

Most large organisations have the luxury of being able to employ a full-time HR Director to oversee strategy and ensure the appropriate supporting personnel policies are implemented. Smaller bodies normally can't afford this, so may not benefit from the knowledge, skill and insight that a senior qualified HR professional can bring. However, working with Personnel Matters can enable you to have a part-time or peripatetic HR Director or Manager to work with your CEO, board or management team to spearhead your requirements. This may involve regular attendance at you premises on perhaps a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.


Redundancy and Restructure


Whether it is in reaction to global recession or more positive opportunities triggered by new or changing markets, where these factors result in change, it is almost inevitable our clients will be faced with making redundancies and restructuring their operations. These turbulent times can be immensely disruptive and stressful, yet are usually hidebound by complex legal procedures and pitfalls for the wary.

We can provide comprehensive support for our clients to help them avoid conflicts, follow correct Employment Law procedures and smooth the path of change and ensure new and efficient processes are introduced.


Retained Services

Many of our clients opt to receive advice from us on a permanent basis, usually by means of an annual contract whereby day to day enquiries are answered by telephone or email as and when they arise. This gives both flexibility and fast response.

This may be supplemented by regular visits to client premises perhaps on a weekly or monthly basis. Additional visits can always be arranged when issues are more complex or our specialist knowledge is needed on a face to face basis.