As with many businesses we receive numerous enquiries from prospective suppliers by telephone, mail or over the internet. Most of these are unsolicited, unwanted and time-wasting, using up considerable valuable resources. Just a few are genuinely useful. We have good working relationships with our existing suppliers, some of whom we have worked with for many years. Opportunities to become a new supplier are therefore rare. However, we do occasionally respond to better offers and new ideas and approaches. If you therefore would like us to consider you as a supplier, then, in the first instance, please send details (including prices) of your product or service to us by email to: We regret that due to the volume of enquiries, it is not possible to respond individually to all enquiries and we do not take kindly to being "chased".

If you wish to make an appointment to see or speak with a decision maker, please make that clear in the email. We normally make a charge for our time, unless any appointment is at our request, or we subsequently proceed to make a purchase. Thank you.